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Pricing | Prami Growth Agency


Flexible packages to suit your business: choose from Growth-as-a-Service or let us focus on sales, marketing and customer support projects.


We’ve got growth packages to suit whatever growth stage you’re at, and wherever you’re looking to go. We’ll work together to create a battle plan, but we’ve got the implementation covered. You’ll also have access to our team of growth professionals for advice and support.

Growth-as-a-Service | Build


3500 € / month

If you’re looking to get started and build a solid foundation for growth, the Build package is for you. We’ll be there to support and guide you through implementing your growth strategy, as well as lending extra hands where needed.

Increase awareness, traffic to your website and quality sales leads with our Build package.

Growth-as-a-Service | Grow


5000 € / month

Looking to ramp things up a little? The Grow package is perfect for businesses ready to take the next leap in the growth process, whether it be on home soil or internationally.

We’ll help you achieve results you can produce again and again, through effective and repeatable marketing and sales. We’ll also monitor and analyze your performance, and use campaign data to make smarter decisions.

Growth-as-a-Service | Accelerate


8000 € / month

If you’ve already got the basics sorted and you’re doing great work in multiple markets, or with multiple business units, the Accelerate package is the one you’re looking for. It includes support, consultation and effective implementation, as well as comprehensive monitoring and reporting at scale.

And if you’re looking to focus on your business’ core strengths, Accelerate allows you to completely outsource your marketing implementation or sales team management.

Single projects

Marketing, sales, customer support and website projects.

Website design and development for HubSpot CMS

Your business’ website should be beautiful, user-friendly and easy for your team to update and maintain. We design and build websites that work together seamlessly with Hubspot CRM.

  • HubSpot website design
  • Development of HubSpot websites
  • Implementation of the HubSpot CRM system
  • Planned further development

From 5000 €

Growth marketing strategy and marketing automation

Growth is at the core of your business — so we’ll work with you all the way from strategy to implementation, making sure you see the results you’re aiming for.

  • Growth strategy
  • Objectives
  • Growth marketing plan
  • Deployment of HubSpot Marketing Hub and HubSpot CRM systems

From 5000 €

Sales Enablement

Sell ​​more, and sell better. The Sales Enablement project helps streamline your sales processes, and gives your sales team the content they need to impress your customers.

  • Deploy or enhance HubSpot CRM + HubSpot Sales Hub tools
  • Meetings, calling & conversations
  • Workflows, sequences and building automations
  • Email templates
  • Sales documents
  • Case studies
  • Landing Pages for sales campaigns

From 3500 €

Customer support technology

Whether you’re starting from scratch or just looking to improve your current customer support setup, this affordably-priced process will help you continue to delight your customers.

  • HubSpot CRM + Deploy or enhance HubSpot Service Hub technology
  • Introduction of ticketing system
  • Chat and support channels
  • Basics of customer satisfaction surveys
  • Knowledge Base implementation

From 1500 €

What do you get?

Working with an agency like Prami, you’ll have access to a team of growth professionals from many fields, all working for the same goals: yours.

Lead Strategist

The Strategist makes sure your goals, plans, processes and tools are in place, ready to work efficiently for you.

Web Developer & Graphic Designer

Our Graphic Designer and Web Developer work to build stunning, user-friendly websites and graphic design pieces.

Content Expert

Our Content Expert is your communication secret weapon, producing content for marketing, sales and customer support. We produce content in English and Finnish, and other languages in collaboration with translation services.

Sales Hacker

Sales efficiency, sales management support, sales automation and technology are all in a day’s work for your Sales Hacker.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

As well as the ready-made packages and projects listed above, we also do other things — all you have to do is ask! If you can't find the price or package you’re looking for, the fastest way to get an answer is to book an appointment on the calendar below.

Book a meeting

Whether you’ve got some ideas in mind, or you’re just figuring out your options — we’re happy to chat through your growth challenges together.