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Point pricing

We use a point pricing model in our packages. Each Growth-as-a-Service package includes a certain number of points that can be used flexibly within the same cost framework. Thanks to the model, the focus of doing can be shifted to where it is needed at any given time, yet the costs remain predictable. Project management is always included in the price.


Item Points Description
Blog 5 Blog content, images, publishing in social media channels.
Social publishing 5 Content scheduling and publishing in social media. Existing content, 4 weeks,
Paid Social 15 Campaign and ad design, copywriting, target audiences.
Paid Search 15 Campaign and ad design, copywriting, target audiences.
Case study 20 Customer interview, images, copywriting
Lead generation campaign 40 Lead generation campaign with content, landing pages, ads, content distribution.
Lead nurturing & automation 15 Lead nurturing flows. Content and automation.
Email marketing 5 Content creation with text and images.
Events and webinars 20 Landing pages, email invitations and reminders, organic social + ads. 
Video 5-40 Small video snippets for social media and ads to large marketing videos. 
Reporting and dashboards 10 Closed-loop reporting with insights.


Item Points Description
Data import & Cleansing 10 Preparing import lists, preparing and cleansing data.
Deal stage set up 5 Setting up deal stages and pipeline views.
Integrations 5 Integrations with other systems using HubSpot's native integrations.
Custom fields and views 5 Setting up custom fields and custom views.
Set up conversations 5 Setting up chat flows, inboxes, chatbots.
Set up workflows and automations 10 Setting up workflows and automation for sales.
Email templates for sales 10 Content creation, 5 templates.
Sequence creation and optimisation 20 Setting up sales sequences, sequence optimisation.
Case study 20 Customer interview, images, copywriting.
One-pager 20 One-pager for sales, pdf / ppt. Content creation, visuals, images. 
Life cycle stages implementation 5 Setting up lifecycle stages.
Sales rep coaching hourly 1:1 coaching.
Sales rep training hourly 1:many training.
Reporting and dashboards 10 Creating dashboard and reports for sales reps or sales management.


Item Points Description
Website & Analytics audit 10 Auditing content, conversion paths, SEO.
Page design hourly Designing and developing a page.
Custom modules hourly Custom module creation.
Pillar page design hourly Long, SEO + conversion focused webpage
Landing page + thank you page design 10 Designing and developing a landing page and thank you page.
Conversion paths hourly Designing conversion paths for buyer personas.
Content workshop hourly Content ideation workshop with stakeholders.
A/B testing 5 Testing A/B versions of a page.
SEO 10 SEO analysis and improvements, task list.
Conversion rate optimisation hourly Optimising website conversions.

Customer service

Item Points Description
Knowledgebase design and setup 40 Designing knowledgebase pages and setting up the knowledgebase. 
Knowledgebase content creation hourly Content creation to help customers find answers to their questions.
Implementing ticketing 20 Ticketing system setup and flows.
Implementing live chat or chatbot 5 Customer support chat or chatbot.
Email templates for customer service 10 Email templates for customer service teams. Content creation, 5 templates.
Feedback surveys 20 Feedback survey for customer service.