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Your ultimate guide to HubSpot Marketing Hub

With HubSpot Marketing Hub all your marketing tools and data are on one easy-to-use, powerful platform. Learn what the benefits are.

Make your marketing more efficient

HubSpot Marketing Hub is marketing software to help you attract the right audience, convert more visitors into customers, and run complete marketing campaigns at scale.

Competition for consumer attention is fierce

Marketing can potentially be a key growth accelerator for businesses – when done well. To be successful, you need to know the ingredients: attract the right buyer personas at the right touchpoints throughout the customer journey, crafting messages that both catch the attention and convince the potential buyer. When at the same time, the buyer's journey has become more and more complex; it is difficult to know whom to target, with what, and when.

Back in the day, you had enough if your marketing tech stack allowed you to collect visitor data with a form, automate some follow-up emails and see reports of how your website traffic is growing.

Today, you need to be able to create personalized, right-timed, and engaging customer experiences at scale. To connect with customers — at the right time, in the right place, with the right message — you need a new way to think about how your customer and marketing engagement data interact.

Gaps in marketing data lead to bad decisions

But, marketers tend to lack complete visibility into the customer journey. If you need to switch between multiple tools, alignment on goals becomes difficult, and effective execution is near impossible. Most importantly, marketers don’t have a single source of truth and a unified view of customer data. Disparate systems create information silos.

Reporting and insight enable data-driven decisions and iterative learning. With all your marketing tools at the same place, every interaction can be tied to actual revenue. You have a powerful reporting engine within HubSpot Marketing Hub that is intuitive enough to empower everyone on your team to unlock the insights they need to do smarter, data-backed decisions.

Download calculator

How many leads do you need?

Play around with numbers and download the quick and dirty marketing goals calculator.

Use this to quickly get an overview of your marketing goals. 

Omni-channel marketing automation

Omni-channel automation in Marketing Hub provides you the tools to architect highly personalized marketing campaigns in many channels.

Marketing automation refers to marketing efforts and tasks that have been automated using software. These efforts or tasks are typically triggered by some kind of consumer action, like subscribing to a blog, filling out a form, or making a purchase. Marketing automation aims to automate otherwise manual marketing tasks. Some common examples include sending emails, posting organic social media messages, and collecting information.

The first thing the term marketing automation probably brings to mind is email marketing automation. Typical examples include welcome emails, post-purchase emails, re-engagement emails, and so on.

In HubSpot Marketing Hub, the possibilities to utilize automation exceed email marketing.

Let’s explore some examples.

Post content to social media

Marketing Hub allows you to schedule and publish content to social media, set monitoring filters and even automate response process.

Use automation with ads

You can automate an ad sequence on Facebook. Target a large audience for awareness-stage ads, and use engagement data to drive consideration and decision phase ads.

Use the tools within Marketing Hub to approach behavioral targeting and use the available rich enrollment criteria such as lists and site visits to display contextual ads based on customer behavior.

The classic: email-automation

Use time-based or action-based criteria to launch e-mail automation. Time-based criteria could be, for example, an automation flow reminding customers of an upcoming webinar. An action-based workflow could trigger an email flow if a contact, for example, downloads content or subscribes to a newsletter.

Internal actions

Use automation to update a customer property or to notify your team or sales. This could, for example, be updating the customer life cycle stage based on an action or setting up a task for a sales rep to call a contact.

Tech stack

Could you save money and be more efficient by rationalizing your marketing tech stack?

Marketers use dozens of different apps and tools every day to do their job. But, is more always more, or could you do better with less?

Book a free consultation

It's so easy to adopt new marketing tools and SaaS solutions that sometimes we forget to think about how the new shiny thing fits into the big picture. Over time you might risk ending up in app chaos with overlapping tools and technologies. With all these different tools and apps, it becomes difficult to see the overall performance, get reliable data, and make smart decisions.

Book a free consultation. We can help you evaluate the status of your marketing tech stack and find possibilities for streamlining.

HubSpot Marketing Hub: key features

Marketers are often asked to do wonders. Many times the resources allocated to this are tight. To justify the resources, marketing teams need to be able to prove the ROI of marketing efforts.

HubSpot Marketing Hub is packed with features designed to empower marketing teams. Here are some of our favorite picks. 

Marketing Hub tools that make life easier

Landing pages

Design and launch beautiful landing pages. You have the option to choose from mobile-optimized ready-made templates or build pages from the ground up.

SEO tools

Build your organic search volume and outrank competitors. You have many tools within Marketing Hub that help you plan your content strategy and optimize your content.

Organic social media management

Monitor and prioritize conversations, and publish content to social networks.


Host and manage files right inside HubSpot. Use them in your social media posts, web pages, landing pages, and blog posts.


Use content to grow your organic traffic and to get discovered in search, social media, and more.

Marketing Hub tools that help you be more customer-centric

Marketing automation

Nurture and score leads, personalize marketing across channels. Use automation tools to manage data in bulk or to do cross-functional tasks.

Smart content

Smart content modules display different versions of your content based on viewer category. For example, you could create alternatives for visitors from a specific country or those viewing on a mobile device. Get creative!

CRM with ads

Get familiar with the concept of customer journey-based advertising and leverage your CRM data to be more relevant with your advertising and marketing messages.


With personalization tokens, you can show personalized content to your contacts based on their property values in your CRM. Use it in emails, website pages, and landing pages.

A/B testing

Use A/B testing to test two versions of a page at the same URL to see which one performs better. Half of your visitors will see one version of the page, while the other half will see the alternate version.

Features that prove ROI

Marketing Analytics

Make smarter, data-backed decisions with powerful custom reporting and built-in analytics. Measure all in one place.

Track performance of your SEO, social media, blogging, email, landing pages, calls-to-action, and marketing automation

Understand the pages, content, and sources that contribute to conversions throughout your funnel.


Maximize the benefit of your HubSpot Marketing Hub

We help you implement Marketing Hub, customize the setup, and train your team. Maximize the benefits you get from your marketing technology investment.


We really enjoy the benefits of HubSpot Marketing Hub and it is an essential piece of the puzzle when we want to drive business growth through our demand generation and growth marketing as-a-service solutions. If you are thinking about implementing Marketing Hub for your organization, you want to be sure that it's done to match your business's unique needs. We can help you maximize the benefits of your Marketing Hub, make sure the implementation takes into consideration all the important pieces and that the new platform integrates with other systems your business might use. A handover to your internal team means that your team is trained to use the platform too.

Our solution

The following are some specific advantages we provide:

  • Consistent guidance
  • Technical specialization
  • Assistance with every step of the process
  • Extensive HubSpot experience and knowledge of best practices
  • The capability to look at the big picture, along with in-depth competence to develop a website that helps you achieve your unique business goals
  • Commitment to accountability and a strong desire to help you maximize the benefits you receive from your marketing technology


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