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Privacy statement

Updated: 06.11.2020

1. Personal information

Prami Growth Agency / Prami Advertising Oy complies with the Personal Data Act and other applicable legislation in the collection and processing of personal data. Prami Advertising Oy does not process sensitive personal data related to users within the meaning of the Personal Data Act.

Collection of personal information

Prami Advertising Oy uses the name and address information of the customer register for the maintenance of the customer relationship and other similar purposes, as well as to develop its service.

Purpose of personal data

Personal information is used to manage the customer relationship. In addition, personal data can be used for marketing communication between Prami Advertising Oy and the customer, for the development of operations, for the production of targeted content and for the communication of information related to a person's work tasks. Personal data is processed within the limits permitted and required by the Personal Data Act.

Registry description

The use of personal data is described in more detail in Prami Advertising Oy's register description.

2. Cookies

Based on cookies, we are able to improve the functionality of our website, develop the content we produce and offer our customers a personalized service.

If the user visiting our website does not want to allow cookies, the use of cookies can be blocked in the user's internet browser settings. Cookies may be necessary for the proper functioning of our website and the services we provide.

3. Security

Prami Advertising Oy organizes the information security of its services in a generally acceptable manner and strives to prevent unauthorized access to its information systems with appropriate technical solutions. The principles of personal register protection are described in more detail in the register description.