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Looking to ramp things up a little? The Grow package is perfect for businesses ready to take the next leap in the growth process, whether it be on home soil or internationally.

5000 € / month

60 points / month
Grow includes 60 points per month to be used for growth marketing, sales enablement and supporting your customer service.

Example of growth marketing activities over three months:

  • Strategy and plan
  • 2 lead generation campaigns
  • 2 Customer Case Studies
  • 4 email templates for sales prospecting
  • Sales pipeline generation, automation and workflows
  • Social media ads and Google ads 
  • Live Chat and Chatbot implementation

Growth-as-a-Service also includes:

  • Dedicated Growth Team
  • Project management
  • Slack channel for daily communication
  • HubSpot consulting and support
  • Social media and Google Ads consulting and support
  • Reporting and analytics

Pricing according to 12 month contracts.

We use point pricing in our monthly services 

View the detailed pricing table.

Growth-as-a-Service -periaatteet


The contents of the above package are an example. We´ll develop a customized plan for each client based on strategy and goals.

Point pricing

Point pricing (or value based pricing) allows for quick changes to achieve results while keeping costs predictable. The available points will be used according to a strategic plan, but quick changes are sometimes needed.

How we work

Our goal is to generate growth for our customers. We achieve results by working together: an efficient team consists of our growth experts.


Growth is achieved by choosing the right tactics. The right tactics are based on knowledge, not guesswork. We constantly measure and optimize what we do. If the review period is too short, there won´t be enough experience and data to be gathered. So, in addition to quick wins, perseverance is needed. Our contracts usually start from 3 months but usually last for at least 12 months. If you do not like the cooperation, the contract can always be terminated within one month's notice.

Looking for a growth partner?

Whether you’ve got some ideas in mind, or you’re just figuring out your options — we’re happy to chat through your growth challenges together.