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Prami Growth Agency

About us

We help you find your unique levers for growth.



Prami Growth Agency

Prami Growth Agency's story began in 2005 when Pirkka, the owner and CEO, started the company to work with some of the biggest nordic retail chains in the market, producing retail advertising and marketing. 

Today, we are a full-service growth company with expertise in growth marketing and sales development. We work in a disciplined manner, combining methodologies proven to be efficient with agile execution. Our method unifies your sales, marketing and customer support to increase your profit.

What we believe in

We don't believe in silver bullets or single tactics. Instead, we think that

  • Growth is team work
  • Sometimes, growth means change
  • Growth needs to have goals
  • Growth needs an action plan
  • Besides a plan, growth needs actions and agility
  • Growth is a process. It can start by small actions
  • Growth needs to be measured
  • Growth is fuelled by the right technology
Are we the right fit for you?

The customers, who benefit the most of our services

  • Are results-oriented
  • Have a problem for us to solve
  • Have a sales team or individual responsible for sales
  • Value piloting, agile approach and testing
  • Want to use data to make data-based decisions
  • Show up in video meetings with the camera on

Contact us

Pirkka Prami | Prami Growth Agency
Pirkka Prami


+358 40 590 5622


Hanna Prami | Prami Growth Agency
Hanna Prami

Marketing Strategist

+358 50 919 5385

Tuomas Malinen | Prami Growth Agency
Tuomas Malinen

Growth-Driven Designer

+358 44 344 1616